Wakan Village

Wakan Village is one of the many hidden secrets of Oman. Its so much of a secret that I didn’t even know it existed till recent years. And people ask where my need for privacy stems from (a cultural trait)!

Wakan Village palm trees
Palm trees are a common sight in Wakan Village and Misfat Al Abriyeen

located at 2,000 meters above sea level in the western Al Hajjar mountains, Wakan Village is a hidden paradise covered by the Hajjar mountains.

It is located in Nakhal provenance, but it usually grouped with the bordering Al Dakhiliyah region; a region you should expect to spend considerable time in exploring Jebel Shams & its surrounding attractions. 

Wakan Village hike
Forestry in Wakan

In this post I will discuss all what you need to know before visiting Wakan, from the point of planning to arrival, you will find the information you need here.


  • Getting there
  • Weather
  • Folklore
  • What to expect
  • Wakan Village tour
  • Restaurants nearby
  • Hotels 

Wakan Village Directions

Wakab Village can be easily reached using Google Maps. Simple as that. 

Besides being 2019, Google Maps offers the mmost accurate directions for your travels around Oman. Also, around tourist spots you would find that the roads might change from time to time, and so a guide written in 2017 might not be valid.

Heck, this guide might need to be revised for any changes halfway into 2019!

Wakan Village fruits
Wakan Village has the smell of fruits lingering in the air

With that being said, here is a brief guide for how to get to Wakan Village for your reference:

  • Drive towards Nakhal from Muscat
  • Make the turn from Wadi Mistal from the Nakhal-Awabi road
  • Follow the sign for Wakan Village which it sitting on the top
  • Make the steep mountain drive

Before you go

Before you set on the drive to Wakan Village make sure that you take some things into consideration. First off, the road is bumpy with a number of pot holes on the way. I strong recommend you book a 4×4 vehicle before heading there.

Second, do not pick the flowers or any of the gardening in Wakan Village as it would be disrespectful towards the local inhabitants. Don’t ruin it for all the other tourist: including Muscat-eers.

Wakan Village white flower
Some of the many flowers the grow in Wakan

Most importantly make sure you take PLENTY of water with you. It would be hard to find any shop or refreshments when you reach Wakan Village (as of Jan 2019). This is a practice you should follow whenever you visit a destination in Oman.

The road to Wakan Village is not for the faint hearted. Expect steep and sharp bends where mistake could have grave consequences. Take precautions by booking a 4-wheel car before your arrival to Oman

How Far Is Wakan Village From Muscat?

Wakan Village is 150 km away from Muscat.

Wakan Village Climate & Best Time To Visit

Wakan Village tends to be cooler in summer and colder in winter! It’s location is very unique being between the mountains. Sun exposure and altitude play a big role in this.

Wakan Village hike trail
Wakan Village hike trail

The average temperature doing the hotter summer months is around 36 degree Celsius with a historic max of 39 and min of 32. 

During the winter months of January and December the historic high was recorded at 22 Celsius with a low of 13 degrees Celsius.

Typically, as with most adventure destinations in Oman, the best time to visit is October to March. I generally recommend all tours that occur on mountains or dry land to happen on this time. However, water activities like snorkeling and dolphin watching are ideal year round. 

Wakan Village Sunset Folklore

There have been rumors  going around in 2016-2017 that Wakan village experiences only 3.5 hours of sunlight, as such, they had the least fast time during ramathan.

What was being told in Muscat is that the sun comes out at 11am and set at 2:30pm in Wakan Village due to it being surrounded by its mountains.

This is definitely not true but it does go to show how very little is know about Wakan Village among the many hidden gems within Oman.

Restaurants near Wakan Village

The closest restaurants to Wakan Village belong to Anantara resort chain. I advise packing food with you for the trip if you plan on dining back in Muscat. 

If that is not case and you feel this deep desire to feast, then I recommend Al Maisan at Anantara Jebel Akhdar Resort.

If you are bread fan then Al Maisan satisfies will satisfy all cravings. In terms of its other cuisine it offers all sorts of international foods. The service is impeccable as is expected of an Anantara resort.

When it comes to food quality it is delicious and well presented. The flavors will satisfy you unless you are among the 5% who expect nothing but the best. In that case I would recommend looking into Bella Vista or Al Qalaa, both located at Anantara, a different pick.

Nonetheless, the experience of Anantara dining will leave you feeling joyful and satisfied towards the end. A suitable end past driving down the dangerous mountains side. 

Wakan Village Review: what to expect

The mountain view overlooking Wakan looks as though a million rock dribbled down in a slide only to stop mid way and form a community of house attached together. 

Wakan Village review
Skyline view of Wakan Village

To your back you feel as though you have landed in the garden of eden as the landscape takes you in awe with smell of fruits and plantations tingle your senses away.

Unlike the palm trees you find all over Muscat, Wakan Village is filled up with fruit tree: primarily pomogronate. You will find plenty many tress, sitting areas and obeservation areas in Wakan Village. 

Wakan Village pomegranate
You will be able to buy pomegranates for cheap in Wakan as it is one of their main produce

If you find yourself wanting a day trip that doesn’t require physcial endurance, then Wakan Village is must-visit during your trip.

Wakan Village Tour

If you are enticed by the idea of visiting Wakan Village by don’t have the means of transport, a tour would be right for you.

Wakan Village tour
Wakan Village hike summit

The tour takes you in a comfort of a 4 wheel drive throughout the mountains and marvelous landscapes of Oman to inner regions of the country.

On the way will stop by Wadi Abyadh, another one of the hidden wadis of Oman, before hitting the main attraction at Wakan.

Check tour photos and price

Hotels in Wakan Village

You’re in luck because just as off recently there is now a hotel in Wakan! 6 years ago you would have had to make the drive to Nakhal or Rustaq just to find yourself an accommodation.

Sama Wakan

Our hotel recommendation comes as one that would allow you to become one with your surrounding.

Wakan Village garden oasis
Garden oasis in the middle of the desert

Similar to our recommendations in Jebel Shams, Sama Wakan offers a specialized hotel that takes advantage  of the its greatest amenity: it’s location!

Sama means sky in Arabic, and so the name becomes Wakan Sky. A justifiable name given that most of your views will be overlooking the Al Hajjar mountains.

We recommend a maximum stay of 1 night in Wakan Village

If you like Wakan Village check out pictures of its sister village Misfat Al Abriyeen!

Got questions? Feel free to ask in the comments!

**Most of travel insurance plans will not cover a trip to Wakan or any of Oman’s mountainous village. Therefore, before you engage in any outdoor activities, make sure you purchase the right travel insurance with adventure related coverage.

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