Snake Gorge Tour: The Newest and Most Exciting Tour in Oman

Snake Gorge is the hottest adventure destination in 2019. Tours to Snake Gorge were first offered in summer of 2018 to the Omani people and demand has been on the rise ever since! 

Rest easy as Snake Gorge does not actually have any snakes. It is refereed to as Snake Gorge due to the snake like appearance of this canyon. This area offers some of the best off-roading experience in Oman. It boast beautiful scenery and stunning cliffs all around. The road through this canyon connect many villages including the marvelous Balad Sayat village. 

Snake Gorge is otherwise known as Snake Canyon and Wadi Bani Awf. 

This tour includes:

  • Private tour with a 4×4 vehicle 
  • Adventure guide (English speaking)
  • Entry & applicable fees
  • Canyoning equipment
  • Hotel pick up (Muscat)

Make sure you come with the appropriate travel gear for this tour. 

Duration: 10-12 hours

Snake Gorge Adventures

What to expect during this tour:

  • Mountain trekking 
  • Off-road drive
  • Abseiling 
  • Canyoning (swimming, scrambling, climbing)

This tour is our top pick for thrill seekers

Before You Book [Important]

We kindly ask you for your safety and your loved ones to book adequate travel insurance beforehand. Most travel insurances will NOT cover and injuries sustained related to hiking, swimming, abseiling, drowning, or any form of outdoor activity.

Our recommended insurance coverage is designed for adventure travelers and covers the activities mentioned above. Find more information related to Adventure Insurance here.

Seriously, the insurance wold cost you as little as $2.5 a day, don’t leave without it. If you can afford to travel, you can afford to buy this Insurance. 

Price & Offers

Our current rates

  • $275 for one person
  • $210 per person in a party of 2
  • $185 per person in party of 3 or more

Special: As part of our 2019 #cameloasistours campaign we are offering this tour for $150 per person for groups of 3 & more: the lowest it has ever been in Oman!

We offer the most competitive prices on the market for the level of service provided. Our tours sell fast during the high season. We recommend booking tours ahead of time.

*Snake Gorge tour is in high demand & tour suppliers are limited. This means that availability is not guaranteed and is subject to a first come first serve basis.

Yup, this could be you! Book Snake Gorge Tour here.

Disclaimer: If you decide to not ensure yourself and your loved ones,we will not be held liable for any claims resulting from not having adequate insurance. Read through your current policy to ensure coverage. Our tours are hosted by a third party company and we are not responsible for their actions or any injuries sustained during your tour. Nonetheless, CamelOasis only chooses well-known and competent companies in Oman for all tours. We connect you to best tour guides known to locals & past tourists.

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