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Our Travel Design service operates through a consultative process to understand your needs and the experiences you seek travelling to Oman in order to design and book your customized itinerary. This includes honeymoons, romantic getaways, anniversaries, adventure travel and cultural travel.  If you desire it, we can make it happen. 

Why you need a Travel Designer for Oman

How else Can you find a package that suits you’re needs on a country where very little is to be known about? Other destination blogs could offer sound guidance but unlike a local they are bound to make errors and follow into a path similar to other tourists visiting the country.

An example is HoleintheDonut, a well known travel writer with years in the industry. Her visit to Muscat had her write a powerful piece on how much she hated and would never go back. Why? simply a lack of preparation and localized knowledge had her feeling this way. Preparing to travel to Oman is not unlike travel to any mainstream destination. I took the liberty to counter exactly why she was wrong to make that assumption here.

 Another pitfall comes with hotel recommendation on all major blogs. I have seen some travellers recommedn a hotel they stayed in that I simply disagree with. Oman is a fast devolping country with toursim on full force right now. Those traveler bloggers initially had to make a decision similar to yours on where to stay by using Trip Advisor or old review sources before coming to make the recommendation on their own. 

The only problem with this is that you will find most reviews on hotel that were once the leading in the country with an established web presence: hence where tourists end up staying. Reality is just in the past 3 years a number of luxury hotels have spawned with little reviews, such as The W (2019) & Kempinski Hotel (2018), but are on the forefront of being recognized as the leading 5 star hotels in the country. This is knowledge that a mainstream travel blog or average tourist does not have.

Oh! and did i mention some of the travel blogger ended up in hotels that didn’t even serve alcohol? yikes..

Oman Travel Guide- Why Camel Oasis?

Camel Oasis’s founder use his local expertise, world class hospitality exposure and first hand immersion experience in the western way of life to serve you best. 

As opposed to a western oriented agents that totally overlook the local preference and heritage of Oman, or a Middle Eastern guide that ignores your personal style and lifestyle choices, we combine an understanding of both in order to serve you the best travel experience…

 …down to what juice you would be serve served upon arrival to your hotel, and no, we don’t like frozen drinks either!

Our Travel Design gets you:

  • 1 on 1 over the phone consultation (free)
  • Experience planning 
  • Your approval on every planning decision 
  • Special requests
  • Up to 7 nights of thought out hotel stays
  • Adventure tours
  • Domestic flight arrangements 
  • Private transfer from Muscat International Airport
  • Car rentals
  • Restaurant recommendations & reservations
  • Travel protection

Having spent the last 7 years living in Los Angeles & The OC, with brief stints in Rome, South of Germany & Shanghai, I know what good a trip should feel like. One thing I have learned throughout my travels was that choosing a luxury hotel ,does not always guarantee you a 5 star experience.

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Design fees

Travel design: $100/week for 3 people. An additional $25/person thereafter.$150 for last minute travel within 30 days of departure.

A La Carte Fees

Hotel bookings (with recommendations): $50

International Flights: Business & First class booking. Lounge booking included

$50/person with a $200 limit per family.

Travel Protection: $25 booking fee per family

Visa Application: $30 per person

Airport Transfer: $25 referral fee per one-way booking

We Specialize in luxury travel design, romantic getaways, family holidays & off-the-beaten-path luxury adventures. 

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