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Camel Oasis is a boutique travel guide & advisory for Oman travelers. We work with individuals, couples, families, and luxury travelers who want to expand their travel experience but still take full advantage of Oman’s pleasures.

Our guide introduces all there is to know in Muscat & Oman to ensure you a pleasant experience and an unforgettable time.

What Makes Us Different?

Camel Oasis is run by an Omani local with an understanding of what tourists want in a new destination. Growing up in Oman, the lead author has spent the last 7 years traveling the world and living on 3 different continents. His local expertise mixed with a modern outlook to travel gives Camel Oasis an edge over mainstream travel agents.

Why Visit Oman?

Asides from being featured on the Vogue must travel list and other publications, Oman has been the Middle East’s best kept secret. A private country that announced its existence to the world in recent times only to awe all of those who choose to visit.  

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CamelOasis Oman is 100% run by Omani locals

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