Family Holiday in Oman: All You Need To Know

So now that you have made the decision to take your family on holidays in Oman, there remains the million dollar question: how to do it?

Oman has not become the most tourist friendly destination fro no reason. It has something to offer to every traveler coming its way. For culture or for sport, Oman has something for all. Think about it as the desert’s Disney Land.

Below I will highlight tours, destinations and hotels to help make you holiday one that is satisfying to every member of the family.

Oman Family Friendly Holidays

Where to go

Thing to do

Best Hotels in Oman For Families

Oman is home to some of the regions best hotels. The hotels built around Oman take advantage of its landscape to give you an unforgettable experience. However, finding those hotels can be a problem.

The issue with finding hotels for families in Oman is that to find a hotel you would go through 3 steps in the decision making process. 

  1. Type in Google: Best hotels in Oman for families (which is probably how you got here)
  2. Take another blogger’s recommendation
  3. Check Tripadvisor for the best hotel rankings
  4. One last look at reviews at before making the purchase

This whole process is flawed if you are travelling to Oman.

Let me explain. The above would work if you were flying to an already developed destination where what’s good has been good for a long time. Here is why this thought process will not work.

  1. You are looking for a recommendation influenced by other bloggers who have made the same initial process as you. You are also more likely to be bombarded by review quantity based recommendations on the first page.
  2. The blogger has made the same mistake as you are about to make. They will recommend something regardless as that is what a blogger does.
  3. Oman has seen a surge in high end hotels the last 6 years, many which are opening up in 2019 that have not made it to the top of the list. Meaning you will find the one hotel that was open in Muscat when I was a kid that is no longer “hot”
  4. Booking will only confirm the historic data you have just relied on. Also, Agoda is the most reliable hotel booking site in the Middle East.

This a perfect example to what happened to Mom In Zurich blog, where she and her kids ended at the “used to be hot” hotel in Musandam. Only to find out that they served no alcohol, and that they ended up spending time at another hotel.

As a travel blogger, you will review and recommend the place that you stayed in.

As a Local, you already know where to stay and where not to stay; that’s the difference with this guide.

For a family holiday a hotel can make or break your trip, lucky your for you found this guide. This is my recommendation of the best family hotels in Oman, per city.

Best Hotels in Musandam for families

Musandam is on the northern tip of Oman and is called “Norway of the middle east.” Musandam is located between Oman & United Arab Emirates territories. It’s a 6 hour drive from Muscat but is worth the drive. 

Six senses Zighy Bay

Six Senses Zighy Bay was awarded the title of ‘World’s Leading New Resort’ by World Travel Awards. This hotel is like NOTHING you have ever seen before. A romantic getaway on a private beach among the enclaves of Musandam’s might mountains. 

Walk around in comfort anywhere on property as there shall be more things than you need to fulfill you every need. heck, if you choose not to drive there you have the option of paragliding or speed-boating your way to a one of a kind holiday. If there is a hotel ready to accommodate every single one of your family’s needs it will be this one.

For more Musandam hotel recommendation, read this local guide here. 

Six Senses Zighy Bay is the most sought after hotel in Oman. Prices go upwards of $1,500/nt & rooms sells out a month in advance.Book now and save up to 57% on price hikes!


Best Family Hotel In Salalah

Salalah has earned its own right to be known separate of Muscat and Oman. At times people would only divide the country into Salalah and Oman, or Muscat, Oman and Salalah. 

It has earned its fame for its summer monsoon season. Being the most popular destination for middle eastern tourist in summer, I was surprised when fellow middle eastern would ask me about Salalah without even acknowledging my hometown of Muscat.

Imagine in the middle of a 40 degrees Celsius summer that there is a place with green scenery all over the around, foggy weather and cool temperatures. In addition during the winter season it becomes the perfect place for snorkeling and surfing. 

Salalah is heaven on earth.

Al Baleed by Anantara

I went with my family to Al Baleed resort on the summer of 2018. We were a family of fours with two children aged 8 & 12. We booked a pool villa with two bedroom and packed our suitcases en route to Salalah.

When we arrived there I felt like I was in Thailand when I opened the door. There was a private swimming pool as you enter the residence with a bungalow on your front yard.

After entering the villa I was surprised to find a huge living room with a long L shaped sofa, a TV and fresh fruit and vegetables. I was overwhelmed.

At the time we made it to the room there were two queen bed with another comfortable sofa in the room. The room was overlooking the swimming pool. The bathroom attached was even nicer! they only stocked premium luxury Omani soap.

I loved it so much I passed out on the sofa before I even made it to bed. 

Family friendly hotel Oman
One of the luxury hotels in Oman. This hotel is Al Baleed by Anantara in Salalah, Oman where Omani made luxury soaps, which go for $100+, are offered to guests.

The best part about this hotel is that it has its private beach and a kid friendly scene. The kids loved the hotel so much that they were not satisfied by the time we made it to the second hotel.

Al Baleed resort by Anantara offers the best deals only on its website. Book now and save up to %30 on advance booking. Offer valid for a limited time only.

Crowne Plaza Resort Salalah

Prior to Al Baleed Resort, Crown Plaza was the “it” hotel fro anyone visiting Salalah. The title now goes to Al Baleed resort. Ironically, both hotels are walking distance from each other.

Essentially Crown Plaza Salalah shares the same features with Al Baleed resort. The only difference is that Crown Plaza hotel is way more hotel oriented due its past reviews on TripAdvisor. I saw more families here so this could be a plus point for the kids to mingle.

One thing I liked about Crown Plaza was it’s beach restaurant. Although not as high end in quality as Al Baleed resort is, it offers a nice outdoor dining experience by the beach.

All in all, the resort is less on the luxurious side as it used to be, compared to what Oman luxury scene has become today, it still carries some of that magnificent charm it once had in the 90’s. 

Book my stay.

Favorite Family Hotel in Muscat

Of course, can;t forget my beloved hometown of Muscat. As this is the first destination you land into with your family, it is very important you make the right hotel choice as it will set the tone for the rest of the trip. Last thing you want is to arrive jet lagged to a hotel that your kids hate and that makes you want to fly back home.

Shangri-la Barr il Jissah Resort  & Spa

This is the only hotel I will recommend in Muscat if you are travelling with your family. Anything else I choose not to take responsibility over.


Because Shangri-la Barr il Jissah is the most family friendly hotel in all of Oman. Even better, it is a local’s favorite destinations for date nights & getaways. You should not compromise your kids comfort or your spouses comforts when it comes to making this choice. Shangri-la satisfies both.

The resort has 8 restaurants on site, swimming pools and a private beach. In addition it has kids friendly activities and water sports in the ocean. I recommend you take the Al Waha family room as it has interconnecting rooms. Easy access for you and your kids. 

Al Waha family room is very popular with the locals and does tend to sell out fast. Check room availability here before they sell out

If you have any concerns related to your upcoming family holiday in Oman leave a question in the comments below. For any other pressing concerns, feel free to contact us directly!

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