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My American friends would ask me if we rode Camels back in Oman. A Stereotype that inspired Camel Oasis

What had started as an idea to post throwback images of Oman on Instagram turned into a full fledged blog between an Oman and a German citizen. Salah and Jessica met while living in Southern California where Jessica started teaching Salah German and he taught her Arabic. Being born in Muscat, Oman, Salah commutes in residence between China, Germany & Oman as he builds content and scopes out potential areas of value to add to his blog.

The goal is to introduce the beautiful country of Oman to those with a thirst for cultural travel. We aim on doing so by guiding you on everything you need to know about this newly rising travel destination.  Bringing cultural value is at the core of our multicultural relationship with ourselves and with the rest of the world.

Our personal interests build around travel to off the beaten path destinations and beyond aesthetics. Jessica is an avid vegan chef who is getting her Masters of Education while Salah holds a degree in Political Science.

About The Author

Salah was born in Muscat, Oman where he had spend the first 18 years of his life attending British private school in the country. At age 18 he packed his suitcase and moved to Los Angeles where he would spend the following 3 years living in before moving to Orange County & Rome for his last 3 years. Upon graduation Salah has relocated to China and then Germany to purse higher education while periodically visiting Oman at 6 months intervals. Through his travels he noticed an increasing amount of people who would now recognize his hometown. Despite the rising awareness he noticed a shortage of information that tells an honest and detailed story of the country or what to expect when visiting it. Frustrated with this realization, he has come up with the idea to write a blog to change the stereotype of living in the desert by highlight the beauty that comes with it. That is how Camel Oasis was born.

Safe travels and hope to work with you soon!

Much Gratitude,

Jess & S

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